There are 4 caches hidden at Barber. They consist of a small Tupperware that contains a note pad and penciled. When you find a cache, please record your group name and date and then return the cache to its original location.


1. “Two Sisters” N 43O 32′ 39.2″
W 080O 11′ 39.3″
2. “Tumbledown” N 43O 32′ 42.4″
W 080O 11′ 35.6″
3. “Harriet” N 43O 32′ 47.7″
W 080O 11′ 40.6″
4. “Sapper” N 43O 32′ 46.5″
W 080O 11′ 49.6″


Please report any feedback, damaged or missing caches to Scouter Craig.
The plan will be to change the locations each Summer.


See theĀ following pages for hints, compass directions and a map.